While creating ticket using API, Is there a way to skip mandatory fields and create it?

Is it possible to create ticket using API while skipping some mandatory fields (not providing value for that field)?

Hi @rajezz,

Have you tried it that way? Have you found anything interesting?

I tried it, looks like that is not possible and it throws an error. Looks like it is not possible to do so.

Hi @Saif,

Can you add this as a feature request? It will be really helpful if we have this feature.

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Sure @arshath.h,

One thing that I would need help with is the use case where you may not have mandatory fields to create ticket? Can you share an example may be? That can help us work provide valuable info to product managers on this.

Hi @Saif,

We mostly works with integrating third-party services with Freshdesk. When we work with that type of integrations, customers setup the app and expect it to work without any interruption in their workflow.

In future if they made any changes in their mandatory ticket fields, the integrations won’t work due to the changes in ticket fields.

Because Freshdesk wants the integration to provide data to the newly created field. It is a blocker for the app to work. So the customer have to configure the app again from scratch to make it again.

So if we have any way to skip the mandatory fields during ticket creation through API. It will be really a great opportunity for the developers working with Freshworks products.

We have so many examples like the above one. If you need more clarifications, let me know.


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Apparently, if the app creates a ticket for the same which customer has mandated certain fields to be mandatory; the same rules would apply to app as well.

Another way to look at it is… when app programmatically tries to create a ticket – does the payload have enough information to identify the cause is Mandatory fields? In such case do we have possibility to show the same as a notification to the user?