Whitelist Ip adresses from freshworks

Hi Community!

We are facing an issue when calling a third party API endpoint which uses IP whitelisting.
This means that the requesting IP from freshworks, must be whitelisted in the third party API.

Has anyone come across a similar issue. And have a complete list of the IP ranges from Freshworks that a serverless app will use as a origin request IP?


Hi jonathan

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I hope this is what you are asking.

Please try with this IP range and let me know if it doesn’t work.

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Mughela Chandresh


Hi @JonathanHojtoft,

Appreciate the call today. As I mentioned, in order to use the IP whitelisting features, you must use $request methods in server.js. Requests sent using any other 3rd party HTTP client will go through, but won’t originate from the whitelist IPs mentioned. Additionally, you must set staticIp: true in the options (second argument) to $request.* calls.

Once you have tried this, and if that still doesn’t send the request through the static IPs mentioned above, please drop me a DM with details mentioned below:

  • what IPs are the calls coming from?
  • how are you confirming that the calls are coming from a different IP? (You mentioned this briefly in the call. Pinging Freshworks infra, or looking up the IPs of endpoints won’t give the same result. However, if you try sending a HTTP request from server.js using $request.* with staticIP: true, in a Custom App, you can try reading the logs from the request endpoint if you have access to them.)
  • which region is the client’s Freshservice account in?


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