Why Third Party Webhook to ServiceNow is posting HTML tags instead of plain text


I was able to do a POST call from the Freshdesk Automation rule using the webhook. Please see the screenshot 1A and 1B. It is successfully POSTing the JSON payload to the ServiceNow endpoint.

But the problem is that It is posting ticket.latest_public_comment as HTML tag instead of plain text Please see screenshot 2.

Screenshot 1A

Screenshot 1B

Screenshot 2

What I am trying to achieve: I am working on seamless integration between the Freshdesk & ServiceNow. I have created an automation rule which triggers the Webhook to POST the JSON Payload to the SNOW API if the ticket is updated or replied to by an agent.

Can anyone please suggest if the JSON Payload content is in the correct format so that it does not POST content with HTML tags?

Thanks and Regards,
Anil Chaudhari

I tried finding the documentation, and the best I found was this,

The placeholders you used seem to be valid, just that it is in HTML. Did not find information related to whether substitution will be with plain text or html.

We don’t have experts on this topic on this forum yet. Either way, we will try channeling to the Freshdesk team. I recommend you create a ticket with support@freshdesk.com

I will leave this space open for anyone from the community to chime in and help.

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