Will the Cron Job created by previous version of the app be deleted and related logs be deleted?

We noticed that
If Cron job triggered for eg: 12PM -It was scheduled successfully particular time(eg :14PM in same day) what we are given
-If someone update or Deployed new version of the same custom-App the Existing scheduler not getting triggered -My understanding or assumption was
All Scheduled Cron jobs are deleting
-Previous serverless logs are clearing if someone update the same custom-App
-Once Scheduled Cron job triggers ,Is this Cron job still exist or not? Or we need to create new Cron Job to get Status again

Please let me know if am not wrong

Hi @Kirana_mr,

  1. When a new version is deployed, the Scheduled Event created by the previous version will not be affected unless the new app code deletes it upon any action or user action. If it happened, please raise a support ticket with the relevant information and our platform engineers can troubleshoot it. We can also create a private thread in the forum for the same if required.

  2. About the logs by the previous version, let me confirm this with our team and update it here. But, all the logs of the currently installed version of the app will be retained for 30 days.

  3. If a one-time schedule is triggered, it will be removed. The name of the schedule will be available to create a new schedule with the same name. A schedule can be fetched, updated, and deleted only before the schedule triggers.
    Only the recurring schedule will be available until it is deleted or the app is uninstalled.


Hi @Kirana_mr
Good Day! Welcome to the community
once you updated the app, the existing scheduler will not be deleted and in the logs, it will fetch with the latest version only.

yes, it will clear the existing version logs.

As I said earlier, it will not delete the existing scheduler if you update the app.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:



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