Workspace_id filter query error

Please see below where I see that the server returns the ticket with
“workspace_id”: 3

When calling the filter query on tickets, it does not return anything?

Workspace with the id of 3 exist:

Am also able too see tickets in the browser when selecting the workspace.

The filter query works when I call the workspace_id of 2(the primary workspace).

Is there an known error with the API, or have I missed something?

Hi @Ansfs91,


Try creating one ticket as an agent from the instance and make sure you select the workspace as 3 (Finance).

And then try the API after a minute, then you can make sure and let us know.

If still you don’t get the data in the tickets array, then the FWs will be the right team to debug this.

Hope this helps!

Thank you.

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This did the trick for me. Thx <3

Thanks for letting me know.

Glad I could help.

Kindly go ahead and set this as the solution.


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