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Long query, total of 5 questions I have some queries about. Here it goes…

Got an email saying:

"Recently we launched Workspace Feature in Freshservice which allows customers to create Workspace within FS for different business needs. As part of this launch, we would want to enhance our Apps to recognize the Workspace and perform its functions within the scope of the Workspace. "

  1. This is confusing since you can only install apps from “Global Settings” hence you cant install apps for individual workspaces unless you set that in the installation of the app (an approach we started to do).

Moreover, freshworks wanted details regarding;
“Functionalities Impacted and Effort to upgrade
Timeline of expected start and end dates”

  1. Would like to have som pointers regarding how to rebuild/build apps for marketplaces?

  2. The email also listed 3 apps made by us at Synerity for freshservice, however we do have 6 apps developed for Freshservice?

  3. Does different workspaces hae different api rates?

  4. The rollout for workspaces have´nt really been discussed in any developer talks for Fresh, maybe that is an idea? Leave no developer behind. :slight_smile:

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  1. Yes, we wanted the developers to review the Apps and introduce the configuration of Installing Apps to specific workspaces if required (based on the context of the App)
  2. This remains same as building any other App in marketplace. The APIs in FS has been updated with Workspace Identifiers, hence the APIs needs to be reviewed for update.
  3. The 3 Apps we had mentioned has been identified basis the APIs being used. The APIs used in those Apps has been updated with Workspace identifiers.
  4. Highly unlikely, will check and confirm.
  5. Noted, we will take this feedback to the team for review and action.

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Hi @Nageshwar_Bhaskar & thanks for the reply.

So am I right to assume that api rates will still be on the global environmnet and not on the individual workspaces. E.g. apps that are installed will consume the API rate of the environmnet(Enterprise, Growth etz.)