Would Like To See Two Different Types of Searches in Main Search Window

We are a software company for rural internet and phone service. We are using our FreshService support area to (primarily) promote “How-To” articles that inform our users about vital techniques in the use of our software.

Additionally, we also have a great deal of content that is separate from this “How-to” (aka “Help”) content, and that is a large set of “Release Notes” (bug fixes, enhancements and so forth.)

At the moment, when clients search in FreshService, the results they see are gleaned from the entire set of data. This means that How-to articles get intermingled with Release notes articles, so many of the search results they get are irrelevant - remember client users can only see the top 10 search results - no more.

I’d like to see a way for users in our system to be able to search in either our How-to area OR our Release Notes area. This way, they search results will be more focused, and be more effective for our client users.

This could be accomplished by inserting a drop-down menu in the main search area of the FreshService client area. The drop-down would allow a user to select either “How-To” or “Release Notes”. Each of those options could be tied to a lookup table that states which search would use which categories.

In this way, the search engine would effectively be treating the complete set of content as two different data sets, depending on which topic the user chooses.

Would appreciate any responses.

Hey @NYLearningGuy,

Welcome to the Freshworks Developer Community! :tada:

I’ve shared this feedback with the Freshservice team and you shall hear more about it from there.