Ability to delete and/or edit a note created by ticket creator

:point_right: I have issues with deleting/editing conversations that are created by the person who created the ticket (customer) (while I have no problems with deleting any conversations created by myself as agent or by another agents).
I receive the following error message:

“code”: “access_denied”,
“message”: “You are not authorized to perform this action.”

As I see, customer’s notes don’t even have a Delete and Edit button in the user’s interface, but there are no restriction described in the “Delete a conversation” API documentation section, so maybe there’s a method to delete ALL conversations, not only those that are created by agents? Thanks!

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Hey @Svetlana_Tolstyakova,

Could you check if your role is admin or Account admin? if you are an admin, could you try using an Account admin API key?

Stay Safe :slight_smile:


hey @velmurugan, I tried to use Account Administrator key and it doesn’t work either. I had a conversation with an Freshdesk expert and he confirmed that this action (deleting conversation that is created by the ticket creator) isn’t allowed for any user.

Thank you!

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