Unable to delete a note created by a requester

ISSUE: Cannot delete a note created by a requester.
WORK-ARROUND: We Converted the requester to an Agent, deleted the note, then Converted them back to a Requester.
SOLUTION: Is there a better way to do this? In either the application or through the API.

I have found that according to Freshworks it’s not possible in Freshdesk, but we are using Freshservice and didn’t find an answer for it.
Can we delete a customer reply in ticket?
Ability to delete and/or edit a note created by ticket creator

Hi @Daniel_Martin,

I cannot find any public information on why this is the case.

Could you share what is the purpose of editing or deleting the note? If it’s a valid request, I could report it as a feature request with the respective team.

A requester accidentally replied to a ticket response with confidential information that the agents shouldn’t see.

Hi @Daniel_Martin,

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Have you tried the below API?