Access Freshsales data from Serverless - data beyond the event

What is the suggested method for accessing CRM data from within serverless app?

I have a serverless app that updates an external system on certain Account Updates. All that setup is working well.

Now I want to add a processing function, pseudo-flow:

  1. onDealUpdate, if criteria is met
  2. Gather other deals on this account (of a particular type)
  3. Update an Account value

Should I just create request definitions to access the API with an API token? Freshsales | Refreshingly new CRM & Deal Management Software

Is there an “SDK way” to do this since I’m within the walls of Freshsales?

Thank you,

Hey @chimmelb-si,
The OnDealUpdate event would have the details of the updated deal alone. Check the payload from docs.

For retrieving other deals in the account, you would have to use the APIs.

Thank you. I have used the REST API in another server and am familiar with that. I did not want to miss an easier way, and will use this.

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