Account Deleted

Hi Team,

Our application is running live on Market Place, but now that our developer account has deactivated, we need to update the application.

Please let us know how to proceed.

Hi @Zoho_Assist, if the account has run out of trial duration, you can request a trial extension using Once the account has been reactivated in trial mode, you can publish updates to the app.

Hi @kaustavdm ,
We set up that developer account six years ago. We lost all of the account’s credentials; all we have is the email address used to create the account. So we created a new developer account. However, we are unable to get the app on our new account. Is there any way to get it back or remove it from your market place so we can republish it?

It looks like you need to request Freshworks to delete an app from the Freshworks Marketplace but you don’t have access to the account. To do this, you can reach out to the Platform team by creating a ticket and providing them with the necessary documents to prove your account ownership. Once your request is verified, they can delete the app from Marketplace.

Additionally, whenever you are building new apps, take a minute to scroll through the review and listing process for Marketplace apps.

@Zoho_Assist adding to what Debjani has mentioned above, you can request an account transfer for the app using this form: This will allow us to move the app ownership to a new account.

I’ve already spoken out to them. There are no documents associated with that account. We only have the email address used to create that developer account.

unable to login. It shows password incorrect. password reset mail also not received.

Could you please confirm which account you are trying to login with? I am assuming you have previously signed up with the same account?

user id:
url :