Add New filter for api route


During the development of my project, I was confronted with a lot of limits, moreover always now.
I used several routes and I found that some interesting filters were missing and which would allow in the long term to have something more practical.

Route GET Tickets:

Add a filter to retrieve only certain tickets
eg: /api/v2/search/tickets?query=ticket_ids=1,5,7,8,154,256 etc…

be able to include time_entry and limited with agent_id

ex: /api/v2/search/tickets?query=ticket_ids=1,5,7,8,154,256&include=time_entry&agent_id=XXXXXX

This would clearly limit the number of API calls to 2-3

Currently, I find myself making 1 api call per ticket and 1 api call per time.

I think this kind of filter can be useful to other users.

This is interesting feedback, @aliweb88 — working around rate limits by adding better features to the REST APIs so that an API consumer needs to make fewer requests to get the same data. :thinking: Noted.


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