API for acquiring tickets

hello everyone,
I want to ask if there is no requester’s information in the data returned from acquiring tickets in the open API interface. I get a series of data with only tickets, but no requester’s information, which I need to use here
Hope to get your help!

I still have a question, there is a file url in the data returned by /api/v2/tickets,
api/v2/search/tickets?page=1&query=“created_at:>‘2020-06-08’ AND created_at:<‘2020-06-08’”" there is no file URL attached to the ticket

Hi @ricky,

You can use the below API’s to get the request information based on your requirement.

  1. DATA API - Data API
  2. V2 API - Freshdesk

Hope it will help you.


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Thank you very much for your answer, but it does not meet my needs. It is no problem to add parameters after api/v2/ticket, but I now want to add api/v2/search/tickets?page=1&query=“created_at:>’ 2020-06-08’ AND created_at: <‘2020-06-08’” Get user data and files on this interface.
I don’t know if you can help me.

Hi @ricky,

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I’m afraid that the fields from your needs are not supported in the Filter tickets API. Only the fields shown in the sample response from the documentation are supported in this API.

You may have to use additional API to get ticket and requester details to fetch the details.