App Install Callback error not being displayed to the user

My serverless app is trying to validate the iparam details on app installation and sends an error message if the validation fails.

I am calling the renderData like below:

renderData({message: err.message});

But, I am still getting the general error message “There was an error during installation”. attaching the error message as well.

Please let me know if I am missing something here.


Hello Nithin,
renderData callback function, when called with first parameter as a non-null value we will respond with error. With app lifecycle events (install and uninstall) we will be responding with the general error message as shown above. Only for SMI calls, we will respond with the parameter value part the renderData function.
Hope that clarifies…!

Just to confirm, there is no way we can show the exact error on the app lifecycle event, is my understanding correct?

Yes Nithin, currently there isn’t any way to show the exact error in app lifecycle event.

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