Association type not passed when event: OnTicketCreate

I am struggling to create an app where I need to handle the parent and the child ticket at the same time (Mainly I need to pass the Group of the parent to the child in a Custom Field)
The problem is that the Association Type and ParentID are not passed.

Am I missing something? Any suggestion on how to take it?
I do not want to perform a GET whenever a ticket is created to validate the Association Type (And I am not seeing that the API call of the child provides the ParentID neither)

Thanks in advance

Hi. Does anyone have a clue about this?

Hi @Chavas!

Unfortunately there’s no information in the payload about parent/child. Currently you will need to perform a GET.
I already opened a feedback about this: Request child ticket information in the onTicketCreate event payload
You can vote on the topic so maybe the team include this info in the payload :smiley:

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