Attention: Deprecation of platform version 2.2 for building new apps and versions

We would like to inform you that effective immediately (5th March 2024), Freshworks has deprecated platform version 2.2. Any new apps or updating existing apps will no longer be allowed on the Freshworks Marketplace using Platform version 2.2.

Upgrade to platform v2.3 or v3.0

The current live version is platform v2.3. It has been launched on November 2022 with security enhancements.
Our upgraded platform v3.0 is under closed beta testing. It has been introduced to build a global app that works across all Freshworks products.

We announced a planned deprecation of platform v2.2 alongside the GA launch of platform v2.3 and FDK v9 in February 2023. Later, we extended the deprecation deadline to September 30, 2023 upon receiving valuable feedback from our developer community and customers.

Action required

Starting today, new apps and versions of existing apps can only be built and published on platform v2.3 and v3.0.

Your current applications will continue to function. Additional information about continued support & migration of apps will be published soon.

Migration guide

For a smooth transition to 2.3 from any of the previous app versions, refer to our Migration Overview guide.

Embrace the latest

We encourage all app developers to transition to the latest platform version and use the active long-term support (LTS) version of Node.js. This ensures a secure and feature-rich app experience for Freshworks customers who rely on your expertise.