Platform v2.2 deprecation date extended till September 30, 2023

Since we announced the deprecation of platform v2.2 along with the GA launch of platform v2.3 and FDK v9, we have received a lot of quality feedback from our developer community and some of our top customers. One common point of the feedback was to extend the deprecation timeline of platform v2.2 till the end of Q3 2023.

We understand that some of our developers have just begun migrating their apps to platform 2.3, and some are planning to start on it next month.

Listening to your inputs, we have extended the deprecation deadline for platform v2.2 to September 30, 2023. After this date, you cannot publish new apps or new versions of existing apps built on platform v2.2.

There is a caveat to this extension. Platform v2.2 runs on Node.js v14. Node.js v14 reached end-of-life (EOL) on April 30, 2023, and will not receive further security or maintenance updates. Continuing to build on platform v2.2 thus means building on an unsupported Node.js version.

We still strongly urge you to migrate your apps to platform v2.3 at the earliest. Platform v2.3 runs on Node v18, the current active long-term support (LTS) version of Node.js.

See Migration Overview for steps to migrate apps to platform v2.3.

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