Automation is not triggering emails in Freshdesk

Hi guys!

Recently I have noticed that the send email action in Freshdesk automation is not triggering.

I thought the rule and trigger were faulty, so I added an “add note” action next to it.
which got added to the ticket… :frowning_face:

And also the affected ticket count is incremented.

So anyone have any idea what’s happening or what I have missed…?

thank you.

Note: I’m using a trial instance.

I also noticed that when I create a new ticket in the instance with the customer’s email the mail is not sent to the customer’s inbox…

Thank you.

Hi Guys!

I think I must have missed some configuration, can anyone shed insight on this matter?

@zach_jones_noel, could you please help me with this?


It’s me again

Even the agent’s replies are flowing into the requester inbox, is this because I’m using a trail instance?