Building apps on the visitor site

Hi Team,
Could you please help on the following?

  1. Can we have a custom app developed for a requester portal…
  2. Can we call an api through the requester portal without the API key displayed/shown in the JS/jQuery?
  3. If I want to populate some of the information from the Freshdesk instance … like for example firstly if I dump some JSON values in the FD instance using db.set then can I read that through requester portal.


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Good day!
For now, it is not possible to develop the app for end-user (requester portal)
we are actively working on this request and something will come in near future to enable apps for end-user,
stay tuned :slight_smile:
checkout the solutions about FreshThemes for portal customisation for more reference

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Thanks for the information @Santhosh

Has support for calling API or programmatically updating tickets from inside of portal page customization been implemented yet? Where is it on the roadmap?

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@bhima_plan8 @Wadih_Pazos - We now support building apps on the portal!