Calling Server Method from Custom Install page results in timeout

I have an issue with regard to invoking a server method. I am invoking a server method from the custom apps installation page and in the server method, I am calling renderData() immediately in the code.

But I notice that the control does not return to the front end and in the serverless logs, I get an error stating that there was a timeout error while processing the request.

Here’s the error:

And here’s the serverless method function that gets invoked:

Could anyone help me out regarding this issue? Been stuck on this one without being able to move forward for a while now. :slightly_frowning_face:

Note: This topic relates to Issues with Custom apps publishing in Freshcaller


Hi @Anand_Ganesan,

The renderData callback has actually been called and the execution proceeded since there’s no return statement. If you really want to test if it’s called, place a return statement after the renderData callback line of code.

The timeout error occurred since the further operations took more than 5 seconds. Please check why the execution of your server function, serverMethod takes more than 5 seconds.