Can an app be placed on the All Tickets page? Would CTI placeholder work in the All Tickets page?

Hello there!
I am developing a React application for freshdesk, currently discovering all the places where I can put our application and have a quick question: is there a safe way to run my application on ‘All Tickets’ page?

Let me share my thoughts on that:
I discovered a possibility to run application in cti_global_sidebar which I believe can be accessible from every page.
I know nothing about CTI (which appear to abbreviate as computer telephony integration) so wondering if it would be safe to put my application there?

Are there any concerns when putting my application in cti_global_sidebar ?

Is there a way from inside application in cti_global_sidebar to tell which page I am on in this current moment (or any other way to tell I am on ‘All Tickets’ page)?

Any thoughts or insights from your side on this?

Would appreciate any help on this!
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Vitalii_Sukhostavsky,

Welcome to the Freshworks developer community! :tada:

Let me answer your questions one by one.

You can build a React application on any available placeholders with our code review guidelines followed.

is there a safe way to run my application on the ‘All Tickets’ page?

No placeholder is available to run an app on the All Tickets page. As you have also mentioned, some global placeholders will work on all the pages. Those are full_page_app, and cti_global_sidebar.

What is a CTI placeholder?

CTI placeholder is to build a cloud telephony services integration with Freshdesk. Freshdesk agents would use the app when making or receiving calls with customers, so they would have to keep using the Freshdesk portal and navigate between pages during the call. So, this placeholder will provide an always-running app on all the pages in Freshdesk. An app not built as CTI can also use this placeholder.

Would it be safe to put my application there?

Yes, your application can be run in the CTI placeholder regardless of the use case.

Are there any concerns when putting my application in the cti_global_sidebar ?

  1. Only one CTI application can be installed and used in a Freshdesk portal. So, if one of your customers uses a CTI application already, they can’t use your app.
  2. In a Freshdesk Omnichannel plan account, the Freshcaller telephony application comes by default. So, it will take up space, and no other apps in this placeholder can be installed and used. The customer would have to disable Freshcaller to use the app.

Is there a way from inside the application in cti_global_sidebar to tell which page I am on at this current moment (or any other way to tell I am on the ‘All Tickets’ page)?

No, our platform doesn’t provide any way to know which page the user is on. Also, no specific solution is available for the All Tickets page, as there’s no placeholder available for this page.

Could you share your use case so we can advise a better solution? If it cannot be discussed in the public post, I can create a private thread to discuss the same.

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Thanks a lot for your detailed answers to my questions! They really helped!
We do not have any particular use case for now, just investigating what our possibilities are!
If we have any, would definitely contact the dev community!

Hi again,
Gathered few extra questions about random capabilities of custom Freshdesk app that I wasn’t able to find answers for, so I’m gonna post them here. Let me know if there is a better way of constructing such questions!

  1. Is the maximum height of app is 700px as per client.instance.resize() documentation?
    This one bothers me because seems like in most cases on Modals and Dialogs there is more space for my app to occupy but the visual part of my app is being cut off (as per screenshot below)

  1. What should happen upon clicking ticket_top_navigation icon on ticket details page?
    My assumption is that this click should activate the application inside a Modal, but nothing happens for me (video attached below)
    P.S. uppon every icon click app.activated event is firing but nothing is happening
    P.S. no unusual errors in console after clicking on icon


  1. Is there any difference between apps that can be run from comments section on the ticket details page (ticket_attachment and ticket_conversation_editor) and other apps? Are there other capabilities of applications in these locations?
    We have a potential use case of generating some report files and immediately after that attaching it to the comment section. Is that possible?

  2. Can application name be renamed at a later date after running fdk create ... command?
    Can apps have different names? (i.e. ticket_sidebar has one name while full_page_app has another one?

Let me know if I am missing some answers to these questions in the documentation!
Thanks in advance,

Hey @Raviraj
You were so kind and informative answering my previous questions. Would you mind taking a look at my previous comment with some others questions about different capabilities of Freashdesk apps?!

If there is a better way to get answers to these questions, just let me know!
Thanks in advance!

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