Cant able to access the sidebar application in changes

Hello team,

We are working on a custom application with Fresh service, Facing some issues in the ticket sidebar, Issue is on assigning Role to an agent in changes.

We can’t able to access the sidebar application after the role is assigned to the particular agent.

For reference I have attached the screen recording, and tried multiple times to access sidebar apps in changes the issue is still existing.

The use-case is I need to add a role to an agent who should not view or edit the native time entry in the ticket or change the details page

As per the case, I have restricted the access for the particular agent by hiding the native time entry it’s fine but I can’t access the change sidebar apps, for reference I have attached a video below.

As I already opened this issue in another thread it was closed because they considered it as an irrelevant topic and they asked me to create a new topic regarding this .

Please at least assist with the same as soon as possible HIGH PRIORITY!!

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One of the challenges I am facing, in this case, is to understand if the product is not observing the onclick frontend event or if it’s the platform that doesn’t render iframe. My intuition is that Freshservice doesn’t emit app lifecycle events to the app.

Let me take some help from @Developer-Platform team identify where the issue is and proceed accordingly.

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Yeah, Please check it and update as soon as possible.

Our team has debugged the issue and identified that click events aren’t working in the parent sidebar to open any link. This needs to be worked with the Freshservice product team for the issue to resolved.

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I put you in touch with Freshservice team via email support. Let’s want for the Freshservice team’s consideration.

So who is going to assist me on this issue?

The Freshservice support team got back to you 2 days ago.

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The issue is not resolved yet.

is there any update regarding this issue ???

@Saif ,
Are there any updates on the issue ???

You have an ongoing conversation with the Freshservice API team. It’s would be helpful to you to request an update in the same conversation. As far as I could see, the team is trying to reproduce the issue.

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