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Hi Team,
Just need to confirm that is there any options to hide the product time entry based on the roles or automation for an agent within the changes section in Freshservice.

As we can hide the native time entry option in roles for tickets as same i need for changes

but here there is no option for the same.
Kindly provide a solution regarding this issue.

@Communiteq Is there any update regarding this topic???

@Communiteq Any Updates??
Need Immediate support on this…

Is there any fix for this issue??


I looked up the Freshservice docs > documentation (app sdk), looks like platform only offers developers to programmatically start and stop the timer but not node the entire section of timer itself. While I will capture this as a feedback item for the developer platform team, I also connected you to the Freshservice team directly for future updates.

Let us know what you learn!

Thanks @Saif , but already I tried to fix by changing some roles and hided the native timer the issue is i can access the apps in he top navigation bar but not in the ticket sidebar.

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Summary : Cant able to access the sidebar application

Description : We are working on a custom application for Fresh service, Facing some issue in the ticket sidebar, Issue is based on Role wise in changes we cant able to access the sidebar application for reference we attached the screen video, we tried multiple times that issue is still existing.

For my use case both scenarios are important as I need to hide the native timer module and also need to access the side bar apps in changes .

When I am trying to hide the timer I can’t access the apps in the sidebar.
That’s the reason for the post ,to address if there are any alternatives.


I have collected the details to reproduce the issue. Let me go over your instance and get back to you.

Is the information provided far enough for replicating the issues?

@Saif can I come to know about the status of the support for this issue?


I was able to reproduce the issue when apps aren’t being expanded from the changes module in Freshservice.

May I know how are you hiding the timer section in Freshservice?


I am hiding the timer section with the help of roles, here is the screenshot for reference

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Got it, I am guessing then hiding the timer requirement is solved using the roles modules. However, you are waiting to have custom app not being opened up issue - Cant able to access the sidebar application in changes

Am I right?

Yeah @Saif but am having a question as shown on the screenshot there is a check box to show or hide the timer section for tickets but this option is not available in changes it gets hidden while configuring the ticket itself.

Then it turns out to be a feature request to the Freshservice product team to have the admin show/hide timer section based on the role not only for the “tickets” page but also for the “changes” page. But I am certain that, we cannot accomplish this using any of the current APIs Freshservice exposes for us.

Let me know if the above information is helpful? I will close this thread, and let’s start working towards the 2nd issue about not being able to access the sidebar app on the changes page.

Sure am just ok with the current behavior as it satisfies our business needs, Am just surprised how the timer section is getting hidden only on configuring the ticket section, moreover it is ok to move to the 2nd issue
Cant able to access the sidebar application in changes

We have recorded the hide/show timer section for the changes page as a feature request for the product team. I will follow up with the second issue.

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