Capture and change reply to address on Email trigger in Freshsales

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We have requirement whenever an agent clicks on the email button of the contact in the Freshsales account the “Reply to” field should be updated with a mail id.

For this do have event to capture the on the click of the button?

Usually, this requirement must collectively be solved by the Events Method and Interface Methods. As I look up the docs for both, there’s only event captured for contact.update and a couple of unhelpful interface methods to your use case.

At the same time, I was also thinking of a workaround,

There is also no product event associated with the onEmailSent equivalent. In which case, we could have had the possibility to POST/PUT to a Freshsales Suite’s API endpoint that could update the reply-to email address. But API endpoint for something like that seems to be unavailable.

Having no API endpoint for it also eliminates the possibility of us to boot up a middleware ourselves, poll the changes, and update the reply-to email address.

No Event.

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