Code coverage of tests is more than 80% but the plugin uploading rejected

Hi, I written unit tests and code coverage is over 80%. I load the plugin as described in your documentation:

But I always get rejected.

I tried different options:

  1. I added tests to the app/ directory.

  2. I added tests to html page of plugins and call them from there.

  3. I added tests to the root directory - test/test.js

  4. I wrote tests in the test/server.js file as shown in your test documentation:

For more detailed understanding watch the video (Code coverage). It shows that the tests are running successfully and code coverage is over 80%.

What else needs to be done for you to accept the plugin?

Could you please share the App details to analyse the issue.


Hi Ilya,

Thanks for your interest in working with our platform and publishing an app on our marketplace. I see your app name is “seller2go” from the shared video. Please correct me if my assumption is wrong about your app submission.

Your app submission has been rejected for the low code coverage in one requirement. The branches in code coverage are falling short of the 80% requirement. You have received the following email on your contact email addresses provided while submitting the app.

Thank you for showing interest in our Freshworks marketplace. We couldn’t progress with your app any further.

Your app falls short of our code coverage requirements. As standard, all the apps listed on the marketplace are expected to have at least 80% code coverage. Please refer to the documentation linked below which will guide you on how to test and achieve the required code coverage for your app.

Test Your App: Freshworks Developer Docs | Freshworks app ecosystem
Coverage: Freshworks Developer Docs | Freshworks app ecosystem

Please check the links mentioned in the reply to learn about the requirements and how you can achieve the code coverage measured by our platform. You can also refer to this guide about code coverage on our platform.
The app functionalities must be tested manually or through automated functionality tests while running the app with FDK.

In the video, it has been shown that there are unit tests written for the app. We do not have any requirement to write unit tests or any other automated tests and attach them to the app. We only require the app functionalities to be manually tested by the developer before shipping it to the customers. We ensure the app is tested by measuring the code coverage while running it with our Freshworks CLI (FDK). The tool automatically records the coverage and packages it along with the app. This is the only requirement and criteria that we verify while reviewing the app for code coverage.

Your app’s unit tests are not required and cannot be accepted by our platform as the coverage criteria. Please check our using the above-mentioned links on how our platform records the code coverage while running the app and ensure that it has a minimum of 80% on all four categories and then submit the app.

Hi, okay, thank you.

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