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I’ve been trying to increase the code coverage for a public app but I’ve been facing issues with that. Even if a specific line of code or a function was executed, the code coverage file is not reflected properly. The coverage file is showing as that particular line of code or function is not executed. (Please find the attachment below)

As shown in the screenshot even if the code is executed 105x, 170x times(count bar in green) it is not getting reflected in the coverage file. it is still showing as the code/function is not executed. Can somebody help with this?

Hi @Thamaraiselvan, we have received multiple similar reports and are currently looking into the issue. We will keep you posted through this thread as soon as we have any updates.


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Hello @kaustavdm ,
Can you please update is there any new updates on this code coverage issue that I’ve raised? Thank you!

Sorry about the delay.

Can you please try the steps mentioned here:

…particularly, removing the .report.json file and retrying the code coverage?

@Thamaraiselvan Please update FDK to v8.6 5 and delete the .report.json file, and retry testing the app. We have released a code coverage fix in FDK 8.6.5 which should address the issue.

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