Confusing type_name and ticket_type properties in onTicketCreate payloads

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In freshservice sdk documentation the onTicketCreate event has the attribute ticket_type listed in the attributes table, but the sample payload present the attribute type_name and none of the ticket_type.

In the app I am developing we need to identify if the ticket created is an incident, problem or change.

Are these two attributes different?
Which of these attributes should we use?
What are the possible values for each of them?


Felipi Lima Matozinho

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Hi @Matozinho ,
I think the attribute ticket_type which is mentioned in the doc was wrong,
please use the type_name instead.
I will request the team to correct the documentation.



Hi @Santhosh, thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:!

But the possible values for type_name are Incident, Problem and Change?


Felipi Lima Matozinho

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The possible values for type_name are: Incident and Request.

As explained for @Mughela_Chandresh, the onTicketCreate event cover just Incidents and Service Requests.

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