Contact Sidebar Apps not rendering


We recently migrated to the new UI for Requester Details. Seen below.

Since his migration our custom Contact Sidebar app no longer renders. I reached out to Freshservice support and they indicated they cannot help since it is a custom app. This appears to be a platform issue. Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Below are some screenshots to show that the location is still supported in the documentation, our manifest.json file shows the correct placeholder, the app is installed in our freshservice instance, and it is not rendering at all.
Developer documentation

manifest.json file

Installed in our freshservice instance

No application is rendering in the sidebar:

Thank you,
Zach King

Experiencing this same exact issue and getting the same response from their support.

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Hi @Zach and @jasonsf,

App not rendering that worked before is not an app issue.
Could you please share the support ticket IDs or links for me to check internally and get it routed to the right team to troubleshoot it? Thanks.

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Hello @Raviraj, you were going to be the next person I reached out to about this issue.
Here is the support ticket that I raised with freshservice. Contact_Sidebar on the requester page - [#14977777]

Please let me know if you need anything else from me.

Thank you

It also looks like one was raised through the Dev Community:
Freshdesk [Dev Community] Contact sidebar apps not working in Freshservice new contact details page #15016275

Hi @Raviraj ,
Our support ticket is

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Hi Team,

We have delivered a custom app which renders in Requester Details page with all required Info to the client which was working fine until latest UI release.
Now if we try to render even in local system, requests are initiating but UI is throwing an error and stops rendering in Requester Details page.

Is there anything changed in latest frontend update which we need to accommodate to this app to work?

“product”: {
“freshservice”: {
“location”: {
“contact_sidebar”: {
“url”: “myfirstapp.html”,
“icon”: “logo.svg”

Hi @Raviraj ,
Even we (Exsead) are facing a similar issue. Is there any workaround to resolve this issue as it is affecting our client?
Our ticket : Contact Sidebar (Requester profile) Apps not rendering

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Hi folks,

It’s acknowledged as a bug, and the team is fixing it as a priority. Unfortunately, the change that caused the issue cannot be reversed to fix it immediately.

Please wait while this bug is fixed and deployed. The ETA is a maximum of Dec 14th.

As a workaround, in the meantime, the new requester/profile page view can be reverted to the old page view on a request basis for your account.
The new UI has a documents tab, which isn’t available in the older UI, and any configurations in that tab will be lost. So please provide confirmation via support ticket, and your account can be migrated to the old page view.

The apps will work on the old requester page.

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Thanks @Raviraj appreciate the follow-up here. I will be sure to reach out to our Technical Account Manager in reference to reverting our instance back to the original requester details UI.

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Hi folks,
@Zach @jasonsf @Kiran

We heard from the Freshservice product team that this issue has been resolved. Could you check if it works for you now?

Hello @Raviraj, yes this is back to a working state. Thank you!

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@Zach Thanks for your confirmation. :slight_smile:

It’s working now. Thanks!

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