Crayons datepicker (fw-datepicker) - Issue with month dropdown

We experience an issue with the datepicker.
I have build an custom app, which is running in ticket sidebar in FD:

When we try to change months via the months dropdown, the calender does actually not change months.
I even have this behavior on crayons webpage:
Datepicker (fw-datepicker) | Crayons (

Happens in Chrome and in Edge on my office laptop and in Firefox and Edge on my private one.
Does NOT happen in Opera browser on my private laptop.

When it happens, console shows this error:

Is this a browser issue?

Hope you could help us quick - Agents get crazy, as they can’t jump to the next month with the arrow aswell (see Datepicker not shown in full width in FD sidebar).

All the best,

Hi @ThomasH ,
Chrome in the latest update (version: 109 ) removed support for event.path .

We are working on the fix and will release it and let you know.


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Hi @arvindan.ta

Thank you for your quick response.


Hi @ThomasH ,

Have released a new version to fix the issue.
Version - 4.0.5

Please clear your cache and try it out.

Thank you @arvindan.ta
It works fine on my side - Told our team to check and if there is still something to report, I will do in here.


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