cti.triggerDialler is not being called on click-t-call

Can you please describe more about the problem you are facing @Mackhintoshi ?

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I am not quite sure why my post here was saved as empty.

My problem is basically, all the event callbacks are working except cti.triggerDialer

here is my code

var c2dcallback = function (event) {
  var data = event.helper.getData();
  console.log("C2D Initiated")
   // processing logic that uses data 
    app.initialized().then(function (client) {
    window.client = client;
    client.events.on("app.activated", function () {
      //all event handlers
      //resize the softphone
      client.instance.resize({ height: "500px",});
      client.events.on("cti.triggerDialer", c2dcallback);
      client.events.on("ticket.forwardClick", forwardClicked);