Custom App not working when installed but working in dev mode

Hi !

I have made 2 apps that use the event system of freshdesk : Basically I intercept tickets close events and properties update event et verify clients information.

My problem is that when in dev environment (Using $fdk run in the app folder) the apps work fine but when I verified, packed and installed them, they don’t work.
Events don’t seem to trigger.

Does anybody have had the same issue?

@lobose ,

Is this more like the app used to work fine before, and suddenly stopped working?

no, when I use the app with $fdk run it works fine
but when I pack it an deploy it on my freshdesk it just doesn’t trigger

Good day!
can you please share console logs/errors if any?
and possible share with us the code snippet which you are trying?


here is the log of the use of my app in fdk
fdk.log (2.4 MB)

I don’t know where is the log for the app once it is installed on a platform
do you want me to send my whole .zip app?

Hi @lobose,
Sorry for the delay in responding!
Can you please share with us the / minimal which will replicate your problem?
so that we will try to find the root cause of your problem


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