[Custom App] Status 500: Error while processing the request

Hey there,

my custom app logs an error in the admin dashboard while executing a HTTP request. I already addressed this issue to the Freshdesk customer support, but I’ve been told to open up a ticket for this issue.

Nevertheless, for internal usage:

  • My ticket id is #15030790
  • The app id is: 85403

I am using a custom serverless app to send requests to another system for certain product events. As soon as one of the events is triggered, the following error is displayed in the app log:
{ headers: {}, errorSource: 'PLATFORM', response: 'Error while processing the request', status: 500 }

The requests are therefore not executed at all. The system to which the request should be sent does not receive the payload.

In serverless app testing via http://localhost:10001/web/test, all requests are executed correctly and perfectly fine without any errors. The errors only occur after installation in Freshdesk. I therefore assume that the problem is not on my side.

Nevertheless here are some images of the app’s source code:

I am currently using the app in the “In Development” mode, it hasn’t been published yet. But it definitely gets executed. Various logs are being displayed. I just can’t get the requests working.

I am looking forward for help.
Kind regards.

Support told me to publish the app, and the issue would go away. This did resolve my problem.

I received a follow up from them stating that they pushed a fix on 11/24 that resolved this issue when in “test” mode as well, but I have not verified this yet.