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Looks like Freshdesk has announced new platform version 2.3 in below link.’s-new/#feb_2023

Our apps are in 2.2 version. Our question is: would we be able to use the old tooling and edit our apps as is, without upgrading to 2.3? Is there a deadline for upgrading to 2.3?

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Any comments on above?

Hi @Saira_Tehreem and @tugba.kasapbas,

No, the apps in platform version 2.2 must be updated to platform version 2.3 to publish a new version.
All the apps in platform version 2.2 that are already published will continue to work.

The platform version 2.3 was launched for General Availability in Feb 2023. Since then, the deprecation timeline for platform version 2.2 has been announced and extended once.
Since this update comes with a security update to the platform enhancement, all the apps must upgrade to be published with a new version and to publish new apps.

You can opt to sign up for Freddy Copilot for Developer beta to ease your platform version upgrade in your apps with Generative AI-based VSCode extension provided by our platform.

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