Develop application for Freshdesk Growth Plan

Hi all,
I’m developing an application which support for both Growth Plan and upper plans of Freshdesk.
The common use-case is user integrated Facebook messenger into his Freshchat in Freshdesk, when a Facebook user chat to his fanpage, new conversation will be created.
If user’s information contains phone number and Freshdesk agent choose Solve and create new ticket then API of other platform will be called.
My application worked without problems on Pro plan and upper plans, but issue exists on Growth Plan.
I realize that Growth Plan agent can’t update contact’s information directly, when he clicks edit contact, he will be redirected to Freshdesk (on Pro plan can edit directly on Freshchat). So after resolved this conversation, contact doesn’t contain phone number => my app doesn’t call API.
Can someone suggest me a solution ?
Thanks a lot.


The Growth plan doesn’t allow custom apps