Disable justcall and give preference to custom CTI app

I just created a demo account and installed my CTI app as a custom app, but in the crm , The freshdesk is giving preference to the justcall (on click to dial functionality). I have added code in my CTI for click2call and it was working fine around a month back. Can anybody tell me how i can disable justcall in my demo account so that my custom CTI app’s click to dial takes preference.
Thanks in advance !

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Hi Himanshu,

Only one CTI app can be installed in a Freshdesk account. Please check if justcall app is a CTI app and installed as public or custom app.

Any apps in the CTI placeholder has to be uninstalled to install another CTI app and even to local test a CTI app.
Click to dial feature will automatically get triggered in the currently active CTI app.

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