Doubts about NAT IP

Hi everyone.

Hope you are doing well. A few days ago one of the instances showed the following message:


In this particular instance, I have a custom app that makes API calls to an external API. I would like to know if this new security policy would affect my custom app and how to avoid them.

Once again thank you so much for your help.


Freshdesk Support:

The NAT IPs mentioned should be whitelisted on the external endpoint on which webhooks are configured in Freshdesk (if any) or for any custom application to work fine. Kindly get in touch with your IT team or your internal development team and provide them with your region’s IPs to have this done. Suppose no webhooks are configured or no custom application is installed inside Freshdesk & is running on any external endpoints. In that case, You can ignore this email and whitelist these IPs on those external endpoints when any such webhooks are configured.

However, if you plan to use these features in the future, enabling these will make sure that your workflow will be hassle-free

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