Error: Failed to create Ticket

Hi Everyone,

We recently uploaded our app onto market place for CTI between Freshdesk and our Call Center Application.

When a call comes in to our Call Center, using the CTI Marketplace App we are able to push the data to Freshdesk to view and create ticket. We are able to view the information but getting a message, “Error: Failed to create Ticket”

And upon inspecting the element on the website, It says validation failed and states missing contact field:

  1. description: “Validation failed”

  2. errors: Array(2)

  3. 0: {field: ‘custom_fields.cf_contact_no’, message: ‘It should be a/an String’, code: ‘missing_field’}

  4. 1: {field: ‘responder_id’, message: ‘It should be a/an Positive Integer’, code: ‘missing_field’}

  5. length: 2

Any help would be highly appreciated, thank you.

This first error seems like that there exists some mandatory custom fields in the ticket structure, which obviously your app will have no knowledge about and it will fail to fill its value while creating a ticket. You might need to check their account regarding what custom ticket fields they have created and how you can set some value for it through your app , then move forward accordingly.

Hi Himanshu,

Noted, will check on the ticket fields and how to connect the incoming fields to the ticket fields, thank you so much.


Hi Karru,

Connecting incoming fields to ticket fields depends on your application workflow. But still, if it’s a marketplace, we didn’t aware of the customer instance mandatory field details. So it is better in setting the page to get default values for all the mandatory fields in the customer instance. This default value will be used in during ticket creation/update.

Hi Ajit,

Thank you very much for your support. Will get the team to have a look at the page setup as described.


Managed to get the issue sorted out, there were some field in the ticket field set as “required”, by un checking this fields, the auto generation of ticket worked.

Thank you all for your support.

I’m glad to hear that and to have been of help.

If it’s a custom app, unchecking mandatory fields/hardcoding ticket fields value will work. We suggest having a separate Mandatory Ticket Fields Tab on the setting page for the Marketplace Application

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Hi Ajit,

Noted, thank you for the advice.