Error grabbing fields after update to multiple products portal

Hi, we had a custom app on “old” portal for print a PDF with variuous fields of tickets.
We worked on freshdesk instance and transformed it into multiple products instance.
After this the app was not working anymore (most fields changed ID) so i downloaded app, changed ID of fields, revalidate it, packed and upload again as new version.

After this all custom fields are working properly but not the fields of requester and company.
Could you please help me?
I’ll attach app.js and screen of working fields.

app_NEW.txt (6.3 KB)
app_OLD.txt (6.2 KB)

Hey @Elenos,

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I see in app_NEW.txt, there are APIs getting called for requester details and company details, are those APIs resulting with an error?

Hi, and thanks. Well we had this app already made from another guys. I just tried to edit for the new fields.
If i use “old” version i can get response from API and company details and requester fields are filled up, if i edit app and change other fields (with the new ID) those are working but not anymore other fields.
I havent changed anything else. So really dunno if are working or not (i think should work cause was working in previous version and i havent changed this part of app)

I found the issue! was on manifest.json !!!

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