Error while executing App server script! - Unexpected end of input in serverless

When we try to install a custom app, the server throws.
Please, refer to the below image.

We tried to make API calls in the install callback and thought that this might be the reason.

We also tried commenting all the code and added this only code but still throws this error.

renderData(null, { status: 200, message: message });

Hi @Bene_Immanuel

Do you have any comments after the App Install Callback or does the server.js file ends with any comments?

for example :
server.js :

onAppInstallCallback : function(args) {
renderData(null , { status: 200, message: message });
//some comments

If so, please remove those comments, publish the app, and check. If this is not the case then please share the server.js file for further debugging.

Mughela Chandresh

Hi @Mughela_Chandresh,

Thanks for the quick reply.

There is nothing but the export block.

No comments, no function other than that onAppInstallCallback function.

I created a new app and tried.

But all of a sudden, the FDK is going crazy.

Please, expedite this from your end.

Hi @Bene_Immanuel

Will you be able to share the zip file or server.js file for us to debug because we have no proper clue about the issue?

Mughela Chandresh

Thanks, @Mughela_Chandresh.

Please, find the app file below.

serverless (1.4 KB)

Hi Benny,

Thanks for sharing the zip file but there seems to be no issue with the zip file because I could successfully publish and install the app in my account. Is the shared file correct?

Mughela Chandresh

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