Events for Solution/Article creation

I got the task to create a notification (Slack) whenever a new solution article gets published.

I would like to create another app with FDK to accomplish this task.

I know the OnTicketCreate or OnTicketUpdate events for Tickets. Is there something similar for Solutions/Articles? I didn’t find anything in the FDK documentation

Good Day!
Currently, there is no product event supported for the Solutions/Articles.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thank you
It doesn’t really help but at least I know now that there is nothing.


This is what is confusing to me, you say there is no supported solutions/articles for this functionality but other apps have it such as Slack as an example. So clearly there is a way to do it. Please could a developer respond with more information on how we can also do this?

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I am also very interested in being able to do this.

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I also would like to see this feature become available. Currently I have built an application that I run locally at the request of my supervisor. This app gives us a list of solution articles that were published or updated in the last 30 days. Being able to get them information on published articles at the moment they are live would be a great addition. :pray: