📣 Exciting News: Freddy Copilot for Developers - Now supports Contextual Code Generation!

Hello, amazing developers of our community! We’re thrilled to unveil a game-changing update that’s set to redefine the way you approach app development. Introducing a powerful enhancement to Freddy Copilot for Developers that’s all about precision, innovation, and making your coding journey smoother than ever before.

:tada: Say Hello to Contextual Code Generation

We know that coding isn’t just about syntax; it’s about understanding intent and crafting solutions that fit seamlessly into your projects. That’s why we’re introducing the Freddy: Context Settings feature – a leap forward in code generation technology. This feature harnesses the power of context, both from your input prompts and the last five queries you use in your interactions, to provide you with more accurate and relevant code suggestions.

The Freddy: Context Settings is your secret sauce to precision coding. It’s all about giving Freddy more context to work with, so it can generate code that truly matches your goals. The setting determines how many previous conversation responses Freddy remembers while crafting new answers. The result? Code suggestions that align even more closely with your project’s requirements.

:balance_scale: Balancing Act: Precision vs. Tokens

We believe in transparency, and that means giving you the full picture. Enabling the Freddy: Context Settings feature comes with a trade-off. While you’ll enjoy pinpoint accuracy in code generation, it does consume more tokens – roughly in line with the number of messages in a conversation (about 2800 tokens). It’s all about finding the balance that works for you.

:level_slider: The Power to Choose

We’re not just handing you a new feature; we’re giving you control. We’ve set the default context value at 5 – a solid starting point for enhanced accuracy. But we understand that every project has its own demands. That’s why you can crank up the context value to a maximum of 10, amplifying the accuracy of your code even further.

:rocket: Embrace the Future of Coding with Context

Get ready to embark on a coding journey like never before. It’s time to embrace context-aware development and discover a world where your code truly understands your vision.

What’s next?

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Stay tuned, awesome devs! We’re just getting started. The future of coding is brighter, smarter, and full of possibilities. Happy coding!