Facing errors while processing the SMI request with large body size

I’m facing this issue I have got timeout error because servermethod took more than 5 secs. I have created conversation using SMI it has body size 257 KB size. Is timeout error came due to body size or execution time took more than 5 secs ? Could you please suggest best way to overcome this issue

Hi @Suresh_Kumar,

Could you help with the exact message received so that we can identify which sourced this error?

Hi @Raviraj ,

I have been facing this issue for two days. I have whitelisted this domain but still I’m getting this error. I have tried making http calls from SMI but still getting this error or sometimes I’m getting timeout error instead this error

. May I know how to overcome this issue

Hi @Suresh_Kumar,

Timeout error will return a proper error. It’s the error resulted due to the body size limit breach. The error should not be the CORS error. We have noted it as a bug and fixing it to return proper error.

The SMI body size has a limit of 100 KB, please keep it within the limit and break it into chunks if all the conversation data is required.

Hi @Raviraj,

Is there any sample app available in the marketplace?

Hi @Raviraj,

Could you please share us if you have any sample code for break into chunks. We need to fix this issue ASAP because client is waiting for a while.

@Suresh_Kumar The use-case would be unique for each app. Please make use of Office hours to get help for your app.
Otherwise, the optimization can be done such a way that it can even be avoided by sending only the necessary details.