FDK v6.5.2 - Enhancements to iparams, product event payload changes, support for upcoming multi-product app feature


Note: This announcement contains updates of releases from FDK versions 6.3.1 to 6.5.2.


  • Detect potentially sensitive iparams and warn during validation.
  • Freshcaller product event updates.
  • Support for upcoming multi-product app feature.


Installation Parameters (iparams)
  • Detect potentially sensitive iparams and warn during validation.
  • Add validation for visible property in iparams.json.
Product Events
  • Modifications to :freshcaller: Freshcaller Product events payload - onCallCreate & onCallUpdate. Recording and redacted recording objects are added to the payload which contains the link to the audio.
Workflow Actions
  • Enhancements to test Workflow Actions - A placeholder to define the response schema of the action will be provided.
App Locations
  • Support for upcoming App Locations :
    :freshservice: Freshservice app location - new_service_request_sidebar , full_page_app.
    :freshsales: Freshsales, Freshworks CRM app location - full_page_app.
    :freshdesk: Freshdesk - company_background , company_list_background.
Support for Freshworks CRM & Multi-product(Omni-app) features
  • Support for upcoming app feature (Multi-product/Omni-app) & a new product(Freshworks CRM) - Supported app locations, Validation, payloads, Templates.

Note: FDK generally contains leading-edge changes when it comes to new products, product events & their payloads. Some of them might not have gone live in their respective products, however, they will be available shortly for productive usage down the lane.

Kindly update the FDK to the latest version using the fdk version command.