Freshaller Events not fired for onCallCreate and the onCallUpdate


we have developed some freshworks apps already.
However we tried to test the onCallCreate and the onCallUpdate Event which are described in the docs.

We also created the sample app freshcaller serverless app which also uses the event.

Our Problem: Both events (onCallCreate and the onCallUpdate) are not fired when we call a number. Can someone confirm he developed a freshcaller app with this events or have an idea whats wrong?


  "platform-version": "2.2",
  "product": {
    "freshcaller": {
      "events": {
        "onCallCreate": {
          "handler": "onCallCreateHandler"
  "whitelisted-domains": [],
  "engines": {
    "node": "14.19.3",
    "fdk": "8.6.7"

and the server.js

exports = {

   * This method handles the event that gets triggered when a call begins.
   * @param {Object} payload
  onCallCreateHandler: function (payload) { 
    console.log("Logging arguments from onCallCreateHandler event: " );

Good day!

have you published this app as a custom app?

can you confirm, the logs which you added are not shown in the logs section in the settings?


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