Freshcaller Custom App Log Not visible

I have created a custom app for fresh caller and published it in freshcaller account
Custom app is for checking whether phone number is exist in Freshdesk I have checked it using API
App is working fine in local in live its not working, also not able to view the log

Custom Routing Automation App

@franklin Do you have any logs that get printed in the logs?
Check the routing automation if it’s properly configured to trigger the app and have a simple log to check if the log is getting printed.

If it still doesn’t seem to show logs, share us the app ID, account domain or ID, and timestamp of the testing to check the app logs from our end.

App ID - 60495-sample_caller
Account domain -
Time - 24-11-2022 4 PM Approx

@Raviraj This issue is solved its working fine

Hi @franklin,

Thanks for the confirmation.

If you could add what change has made it work for you, it might help someone else later who might face the same issue. Thanks.

If we make any changes to the custom app, We need to go workflow and save the custom routing once again then the app is working fine. But still not able to view the logs in Apps section.

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Thanks @franklin for the solution.

I will check if I’m able to reproduce the mentioned process to make the workflow work after a change in the app.

For the second issue about logs, could you share the code snippet that you use to print the logs in the function? Are you checking the logs for the past hour quickly after running the app?
Could you confirm again how are you meaning that the app works but the logs alone doesn’t appear?

@Raviraj We are able to view the Log its taking some time to show the Log, But its working fine

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@franklin Understood. Thanks for your confirmation again.
I will check if I can see the delay as well and report it back to the team.

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