Freshchat serverless app fails on deployment

Hello, I created a serverless freshchat app that captures Product Events to relay information to an outside bot. The deployment on the developer portal fails, I get an email that says it failed because of technical issues and checking the activities log of the app on the developer portal it only says that the submission was cancelled right away.

How can I find out the reason why the deployment fails?

The app_id of the app I created is 64818

Hey @Eduardo_Anuel

Firstly, welcome to the Freshworks Developer Community :tada:

It’s sad to know that your app deployment is failing, I’ll check on that and get back to you.

Does your app uses App Setup Events - onAppInstall / afterAppUpdate or onAppUninstall , can you confirm if the app has renderData() callback?

I have onAppInstall and onAppUninstall events and both finish with renderData() callback but I do not have a handler for afterAppUpdate, should I add it?

Hello @zach_jones_noel I added a handler for the afterAppUpdate event and made sure that it ended on the renderData() callback, uploaded the changes and got back the same response as before, the deployment fails and in the activities log there’s only Submission cancelled.

Hi @Eduardo_Anuel
Sorry for your inconvenience.

These are the errors logged in our deployment logs. Because of the below errors app deployment got failed.

{"context":{"errors":["Request template 'pypestreamChannelPost' /schema/protocol must be equal to one of the allowed values [https] in configs/request.json"],"level":"error","msg":"validation failed","timestamp":"2023-03-03 02:54:52.835"}

{"context":{"level":"error","msg":"Request template 'pypestreamChannelPost' /schema/protocol must be equal to one of the allowed values [https] in configs/request.json","timestamp":"2023-03-03 02:54:52.836"}

Seems like the protocol for pypestreamChannelPost request schema in configs/request.json file is given as http. Please update it to https and resubmit the app. Let me know if it still fails.



Thank you very much @Mughela_Chandresh that change appears to have done the trick.

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