Freshdesk API flow for the continuous conversations from user via replying to a user ticket

I am facing issues for creating user agent conversations via ticket reply. Please help me with the API flow. I have tried many options like create a reply etc.

The first API in the API flow will be…

  1. Create a Ticket

Please complete the above list.

*Note: Agents are going to reply via portal only. *

Hi @gauravshahu,

To add a reply to a ticket you can use - (Freshdesk’s Conversation REST APIs)

Are you building a custom app?

Hi Saif,
Thanks for your reply. Can you please tell me which API to use for making continuous conversation between Freshdesk agent and my chat app.

API 1. Create a Ticket
API 2. Create a Reply (will create agent reply in freshdesk) Now how should I create users reply on the ticket conversation.

I am just integrating my third-party chat app with Freshdesk.

Hi saif,
Please consider the scenario where the message comes from the external chat App we hit Create Ticket API. So the user query will get converted into a ticket. Now if the Agent Replied to the ticket from the Freshdesk message goes to the chat App. Now when the next time the user replies which API we need hit? Currently, I have used create reply API for passing user query as a reply but I am getting “Agent Replied” in the Freshdesk ticket. It should come as “User replied”.

Thank for putting up this clearly,

  1. Use this api to create Ticket - Create Ticket API
  2. You can use View A Ticket API with relevant query parameters to get the info from UI to your application.
  3. You can Create A Reply API to add the reply to the ticket.
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