Freshdesk code coverage not properly working

I am trying to increase my code coverage %.

I am not sure why the code coverage of fdk 8.6 (latest) is not working properly.

I tried code mentioned in the blog below and its coverage isonly 64.77%.

here is the screen shot of the code which was written in the blog where its showing 91.67% and on my local its showing 64.77%.

I tried all the flows which are in my application but its not increasing significantly.

Is there any way to write the tests rather than using the standard fdk that generates wrong results.
Please give some examples if its possible.

@k1941996_astrea Have you by any chance tried the same using older versions of FDK? I want to confirm if you saw the issue in 8.5.x or 8.4.x as well. You can install an older version of FDK using:

npm install -g

Also, can you try clearing the coverage/ folder and the report.json file and re-run fdk and test?

I was developing it on 8.5.x before then i upgraded it to 8.6.x after viewing some results on the internet. Still the issue persists.

I have downgraded the version to 8.4 still only able to cover 65% only.

Hi, @k1941996_astrea

Could you please share the app zip which you face issues with? Any available fdk/browser logs would also be helpful to us to check this further.


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