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I would like to list all agents in the iparam.json as a DataTable (fw-data-table) or like it.
And I would like it to be dynamic, meaning if user is added the list should reflect that - so no static list.

How do I do this? any ideas?


how dynamic would you like it to be?

You can do a custom installation page where you then could load all agents into an HTML table.
You could for example use crayons datatable for that.

How to make API requests from a custom installation page was shared here.

This would be as dynamic as every time you go into settings, all agents (old + new) would be loaded into the config page.

It will not be dynamic in the way that as soon as a new agent is added, you can add it to your iparams.
This would only be possible, if you react to agent changes directly from within the app, but I don’t know if it is possible to change iparams from within the app’s code.


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Yes, the solution is to load all the agents as part of a custom installation page and get the page to add the information to the iparam.json file.

However, the iparam.json file is fundamentally static so you would need to go back into installation/update environment to update the iparam.json when there are changes to the list of agents.

I have a working solution, but I required this approach as Freshdesk does not support any “custom fields” for agents. If “custom fields” were provided, then it would be possible for this information to be maintained outside the installation/admin environment.

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Hey @DaveWP,

thank you for your clarifications. The custom installation page link I shared with you is exactly what you are looking for.
You have to get rid of the iparams.json and create an iparams.html.

Within this HTML you can do whatever you wanna do.
Here is an sample app example, which you could use as a baseline for what you need.

Unfortunately it is not yet migrated to the newest FDK version in case you are using 9 already.

In a nutshell, what you do is to add the domain and the api-key als input items in your HTML.
With those, you can then address the list agents api - Don’t forget that it paginates, so only 30 agents at a time.

Then you could dynamically fill a datatable with these agents.

In the postconfig you’d need to read the datatable and store what you want to store.

The first time I made a dynamic iparams.html instead of iparams.json, I felt a bit overwhelmed, as it means doing everything on your own instead of the product helping you with rendering and so on.
But you get pretty comfy with it, once you’ve done a few.

Reading about custom fields for agents → Could Custom Objects be a thing?
You could create a new “agent custom fields” object with the agentId as unique identifier and one or several custom fields.
Within an app, you could access these agent custom fields object and act accordingly.

These custom objects can be edited from within the Freshdesk admin section and you could use your app to dynamically insert new agents after creation or to delete them on deletion (for sure you could manually do inserting/deleting aswell).

Hope that helps,

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