Freshworks Sample Apps

By Building Blocks

Block Description
Data Method You can use data methods to retrieve information about different objects on a page. Sample Codes
Events Method You can use the events methods to enable apps to react to events that occur in the user interface of a page. The events includes button clicks or changes and updates to field values. An app can register event listeners that are invoked when an event occurs. Some events can be intercepted and an app can decide to allow or prevent the event from completing. Sample Codes
Interface Method You can use the interface methods to enable an app to trigger certain actions on the Freshdesk user interface. Sample Codes
Instance Method A single app can be present in multiple locations on the same page. In addition, a location may open up one or more modals. The locations and modals can be thought of as separate instances of the app and can be resized, closed, and communicate with each other. The app framework provides instance methods to enable these use cases. Sample Codes
App Lifecycle and Configuration page The FDK enables you to define and use parameters whose values app users can set when they install an app. These parameters are termed installation parameters or iparams. User will input them in configurations pages built with `iparams.html` or `iparams.json` Sample Codes
Crayons A UI library to build apps those fit Freshworks Design System Sample Codes
Data Storage A key value based data store your app Sample Codes
Request Method You should use the Request method to avoid exposing sensitive information, such as API keys or user credentials, when you make HTTP requests to third-party domains as agents will be able to inspect these values in a browser and access them. Sample Codes
Serverless Cron, Webhook, Invoking backend methods, everything serverless! Sample Codes

By Utility

Title Description Host
Ticket Merger Merges Tickets created by the same requester within a configurable time window. Also adds useful notes on the tickets mentioning the ticket to/from which the merge was done. Requires the Freshdesk API key to make the necessary API calls to add notes, close tickets etc. Code Repository Freshdesk
Sentimental Jeff App This app analyses the ticket sentiment of the requestor and rates it. It can tell you if the tone of the message is happy, sad, or indifferent. Code Repository Freshdesk
Vouchers Support Reps will need to check in a different system to get a coupon code for a customer. Most of the inconvenience is logging into a different tool, generating a coupon code, and copy-pasting in the email, and then sending it, with this we don't do that anymore. Code Repository Freshdesk
Pomodoro The Pomodoro technique is a productivity hack. It splits the work time into small segments where each segment is made up of 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes break. By taking small breaks in between 25 short work sessions you can boost your productivity significantly and reduce the risk of being exhausted and unproductive. Code Repository Freshservice
The Freshdesk Trello Integrator This app improves customer support experience enabling an agent to collaborate easily by creating helpdesk tickets and connecting Trello boards to the Freshdesk help desk platform, improving issue resolution. The agent can now create new Trello cards directly from your Support tickets, from scratch! Code Repository Freshdesk